Stud Farm

"A horse runs with its lungs
preserves with its heart
and wins with its character"

(Federico Tesio)

These are desirable attributes in every racehorse.
Schlossgut Itlingen has been developed with the intention to breed "racehorses".

Schlossgut Itlingen is situated in the "Munsterland" in Westfalen in Germany. This area has a long standing tradition as a centre of horse breeding. The rich soil on top of limestone produces sound horses with a lot of bone. 

The whole property covers about 300 acres and around 160 acres of prime pastures are used for the stud.  There are 16 fields from 8 to 24 acres size available to meet the different needs of the mares and the youngstock. Here the young horses can stretch their legs and strengthen their muscles. The 12 small paddocks serve as nursery paddocks for the first days after foaling and colts during sales preparation. All fields and paddocks are post and rail fenced and the mature trees and hedges provide shelter and a healthy microclimate. The general policy, that no more than 6-8 horses occupy a field and pastures can be rested, allows vital nutrients a chance to be replenished. There is mixed grazing of cattle and horses during the whole summer. Every year grass samples and every second year soil samples are taken and analyzed. Accordingly to the results fertilizer are applied if necessary to keep the minerals at the best levels. Topping, harrowing, aerating, reseeding and if necessary rolling of the fields keeps the sward in best possible condition.

The historic barns were completely refurbished with space, safety and ventilation the primary concerns. There are 39 boxes in 5 separate units available. There is an separate isolation unit as well. All boxes have a minimum size of 16qm and up to 27qm. The foaling unit is equipped with closed circuit TV to guarantee constant supervision at all times. In the boxes of the Maiden and barren mares are light programs for earlier and better cycling available. The farm has it´s own wells, which are rich of calcium.

In addition to the strict pasture management, only the best hay (for example from French Crow) and oats are ever purchased for the horse. Banner St Hippolyt

In co-operation with Muehle Ebert/St Hippolyt Schlossgut Itlingen has developed its own feed. Nutritional values of all of the components of a horse´s diet are analysed on a regular basis to ensure the demands of the horse are continuously met. Also it is recognised that these demands are always changing depending on various factors. These include among others, age, climate and related stress whether it be a foal, weanling or the third trimester in a pregnancy. All factors are monitored and the feed for each horse adjusted accordingly under the experienced eye of the management. The nutrition consultants are utilised year round to maintain the balanced feeding program.

With the low number of horses, each horse is cared for by experienced staff who can take the time to assure every horse´s well being. It is hands-on attention of people who understand the importance of the smallest of details. An excellent veterinary practice nearby and a farrier who comes at least twice a month add an external profession in the daily business. Roger Allmann, The Farm Clinic USA, comes twice a year controlling the pastures, taking samples and advising in the farm management. Robert Dallas, Rossdale & Partners England, visits the stud regularly to overlook specially the development of the young stock.